Empowering, educating and supporting women living with HIV

Women for Positive Action 

A global initiative established in response to the need to address specific concerns of women living with HIV and those involved in their care

International Women's Day 2015

 Women for Positive  Action launches  new educational  tool: Hepatitis and  coinfection in women living with HIV  This new tool offers empowering information to coinfected women and practical guidance to those involved in their care. 

JIAS Article Published

Caring for women living with HIV: gaps in the evidence

This paper reviews the current knowledge of the clinical status of women living with HIV and highlights areas requiring further study. Click here to access the article

Educational Resources & Activities

Women for Positive Action promotes discussion and supports HIV physicians, psychologists, community representatives and women living with HIV in providing local talks and learning opportunities

  • Educational Slide Kits

    The Women for Positive Action educational slide kits are intended for use by healthcare professionals, community representatives and those who want to create or participate in learning opportunities relating to improving the care of women living with HIV

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  • News Articles

    Our news articles are intended to provide an insight into a 'hot topic' affecting women living with HIV. These can come from a variety of sources, including stories in the press, findings presented at a conference, or a recent journal publication

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  • Publications

    Our publications highlight the issues facing women living with HIV and have been included in high profile journals, such as AIDS Care and the Journal of the International AIDS Society

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  • Presentations and Posters

    Our faculty have presented at a number of conferences, including the International AIDS Conference, the European AIDS Conference and the HIV & Women Workshop

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